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Shining Lights Early Childhood Center ® 1720 Springdale Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
Top Five Things Parents Need to Know About the Two Year Old Class:

*Emphasis on learning independence-anything your child CAN do on his/her own will be encouraged.

*We don't mind accidents while your child is potty-training. It helps them learn that going in the potty is better!

*Healthy eating choices will be exemplified by guiding them to choose their healthiest food first.

*We work diligently at cooperating with each other and
resolving conflicts with our words.

*Learning how to follow directions and understanding
the daily routine is emphasized.

Three Favorite Themes:
*P is for Penguin, Pajamas, and Pancake
*R is for Rainbow and Raisin
*T is for Trains, Trees, and Turtles
​Sunbeams (2 1/2 yrs Old)
TeacherMiss Steph