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Shining Lights Early Childhood Center ® 1720 Springdale Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
​Lightning (4 yr Olds)
The Lightning (4 year old, Pre-Kindergarten) class is designed to meet the needs of each child by getting him/her ready for Kindergarten.  The students follow a consistent schedule and have goals that meet each individual's needs.  These goals are discussed at fall and spring conferences with parents to ensure partnership of quality care and value of the child's education.  Lessons are purposeful, designed learning experiences that guarantee state standards are met and life-skills, career-skills and school-readiness is developed. We provided a warm, nurturing environment that allows children to want to learn and love to learn by sparking natural curiosity, while practicing important skills.

Promote positive relationships and social skills with peers and adults
Encouraged to make independent decisions and develop a strength in leadership
Recognizing and gaining control of a wide range of emotions through discussion and role-play scenarios to promote empathy and seeing multiple solutions to everyday problems

Physical (Gross Motor)
Maintaining an active and fit lifestyle
Demonstrating control of large core muscles through locomotor activities such as: jumping, running, skipping, climbing, etc
Showing a range of non-locomotor activities (movement in stationary place) such as: swaying, twisting, bending, turning, etc
Manipulatives skills such as: throwing, catching, kicking, striking, etc

Classifying objectives
Teacher: TBA